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Tone Up Gel

Price: $25

B Slim Tone Up Gel is ideal as a slimming treatment. It helps facilitating lymphatic drainage and mobilizes faster the toxins accumulated in the body. Gentle on your skin, B Slim Tone Up Gel has hypothermic properties and prophylactic agents that that assist on the molding, thinning and shaping up measures. Proper dieting and exercise might fasten the weight loss journey.

Cold gel with algae extract
Slimming and toning effect
It stimulates local circulation
Eliminates toxins
It contains analgesic and astringent
It increases blood flow in the area applied

It is indicated as a prophylactic (prevent) agent in slimming treatments, reduction measures, molded figure; this is a product which contributes to the absorption of fat and muscle toning.


Cellulite Control

Price: $25

B Slim Cellulite Control helps decrease the appearance of "orange peel effect" and gives a smoother silhouette on the body. Made from a secret formula in South America, B Slim Cellulite Control targets prevention and cosmetic treatment of fat residuals known as cellulite.

B Slim has delicately integrate ingredients from the deep Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; methylsilanol mannuronate, fucus vesiculosus extract, centella asiatica extract, and oil hedera helix extract are expertly formulated to firm, tone the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Lipolytic Effect
Promotes skin regeneration and hydration
Reduces the presence of localized fat
Prevents glycation of collagen fibers
Reduces the appearance of "orange peel" skin.

It is indicated for the treatment of cellulite and reduces overall size. It allows the molding of the figure in the hips and thighs to reduce the presence of localized fat. B Slim Improves hydration conditions, prevents glycation of collagen fibers, thereby reducing the appearance of "orange peel" skin. Parabens Free